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Open relationship introduction page imageIntroduction

What is the definition of an open relationship?  It can be a lot of things.  Each open relationship is dynamic with different people, emotions and needs.  The reasons for opening a relationship with your partner can also be many.

There are so many different types of open relationships it is difficult to describe.

The people involved in this active open relationship are all encouraged to post on this site. We hope to give people interested in open relationships an honest and day by day look into ours, how it functions and what happens as it evolves…… or collapses.

The people and events in this website are completely true.  This website details the experiences, feelings, emotions, problems, great times and countless other things and events that someone might experience while having an open relationship with their partner.

To protect the identities of the people involved in the relationship from any difficulties that may arise in their lives from others who may be fastened to the traditional monogamous lifestyle of the western world,  the names have been changed to letters and the cities where the people involved in will not be mentioned.

Meet the participants:

“E” Partner of J and S.  She  lives with J in a city on the coast of Mexico, she is a designer of  accessories for women and produces her products from their home on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico.  She is in her mid 30’s and has two teenage children with J.   J and E have been together approximately 20 years.

“S” Partner of E and some other unknown person he calls his girlfriend.  There isn’t much I know about S except he seems to have the same personality as E so they go together great, both seem to be concerned about themselves primarily and never know what they want to do or where they want to go.  Impulsive is a good description.  S lives in the same city as E and J and dates E when the planets align perfectly.  S is 40 years old with some children, I don’t know how many or where they are located but he has one who was recently born.

“X” She is the partner of J.  Recently J and her met online shortly after J and E opened their marriage to other people.  X lives 180 miles from J and E.  J is in a long distance relationship with X and she is a single mother of 3.  X is in her early 30’s and has never been in any type of open relationship before.  She was born in Central Mexico and has moved to the Pacific Coast in the last 10 years.  She has a small business dealing with children

“J” He is the author of the website and decided to put the open relationship experiences online.  He was born in the United States and moved to Mexico within the last 10 years where he has a small internet business that he operates  from home.  He is the father of two children with E, they are in their teens and  He is 40 years old.  He is married  to E.

This is their story.

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