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Updates by the Wife – by E


The open marriage today has evolved into a sort of relationship between two people who coexist in the same house of the same children and share living experiences. There is not much sex or desire from each other. We are both very detached from each other these days  I don’t know if its because we have company in town or we are too distracted with other people in our lives or maybe “searching” for other people to fulfill the needs neither one of us are fulfilling for each other. I’m not sure if its because I don’t want too or because I just finally realize I can’t. I do my work, he goes off to his job. I go out and don’t bother to tell him and he does the same. He has also opened up about some new things and desires and I am still processing that. I think that may be one of the things pushing me away from him?????

I have no idea who J is talking to these days or what he is doing. We use to be very open to each other about our secondary relationships but he doesn’t talk to me much about any of them anymore and I don’t really talk to him about my partners. What I thought was about sharing our lives together it doesn’t seem like we really share much of anything.


I met someone who I thought was the perfect situation for me. He has a partner in another country, we have great attraction and seem to have a good time together. We saw each other a handful of times and I asked that maybe he become open with his partner so we could continue seeing each other in an open and honest situation. That was out of the question and the next thing I know he is telling me we cant spend time together any longer. Damn it, now what to do to fulfill my horniness. I know I have J right here next to me every night in the same bed. I love him very much and am very attracted to him…but there is just something off between us.

I then meet boy number 2, last night. Seems interesting enough, a bio chemist from Michocan. TALL, sexy as hell, beard ( i have a thing for beards these day) and really into me. I selfishly need someone interested in me! We have been chatting over wattsapp today and hoping that leads to something.

I’m feeling very board. I need some spice or something already!