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Why not? By X

About  X.  Partner of J

I’m a divorced woman who tried to maintain a marriage for 11 years, it wasn’t a tragedy story for me, it was a good relation, my husband was my best friend but somewhere in the way I lost my self between my business and my kids and actually forgot about him, I took complete responsibility about my 50% of the divorce, he cheated on me, I don’t know how many times, I discovered one woman and we even tried to save the marriage for two more hears but it all ended, the thing is that when I discovered it I started discovering who he became and how I abandoned myself, I started  working on me first and when I turned back he wasn’t the guy I deserved anymore ,so I asked him to leave. I wanted to write about this first because is the way I can understand why I’m in an open relationship with J, and why I have trust issues.

I am a simple person, don’t like to have troubles so I normally do things the way they have to be done, I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I take the right way every time I have to decide something in my life, I try to take the way that will take me out of my comfort zone so I can grow with any decisions that I make, I do believe that if something is easy it is’n’t worth it.

So I had been divorced for a year, I had fun that year but I started feeling the need to have someone to share everything I have to share, I am a lonely person, I do enjoy my friends a lot but need time alone every week, but at some point I started thinking about how it would be to have someone special in my life again.

Normally, 3 years ago I wouldn’t try anything different, not even an ice-cream flavor, I was always doing the same things, that was the way I felt safe, but since I started working on my self I began learning new things about myself, and it took time but I started trying new things, meeting new people, experimenting…

And suddenly I met J

I remember thinking, why not! I mean, I tried a normal marriage for a long time and it didn’t work, but maybe if I had thought about the option of an open relationship I would still have my best friend with me. And yes I know that I could never go out with a married guy ( I did have the opportunity and even though I really wanted to do it I felt bad and ended it before something really happened) this time I had the wife’s permission! And I really liked J.