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A Third for Me Yippy – by E

Well,  after almost a month with limited communication and visits with V there has been some changes with how I am feeling about the relationships that I am in. I met someone who caught my attention and I acted on it. We have had a couple dates and I have slept with him. He is a self employed 27 year old who is well educated and has so many interesting things to discuss.  Im really into him.

So what about V

V has always told me that he does not want me to be with another person. That if this ever happened he would not be able to have a relationship with me. Well, I approached him with news of my new interest and told him that if he wanted to continue to be with me he would have to rethink his beliefs and consider opening up our relationship. After several hours of discussion and some time he has agreed and I have agreed to help him through this new lifestyle he is getting into. I have provided him with book and resources and he has been doing a bit of his own research too. Bottom line is that neither one of us want to end it. I definatly do not want him to do this unless he truly wants to. No forcing!  My life has just turned another intersting chapter hasnt it? I am now in 2 open relationships! YAY….I think?