My Number 2 Relationship Update – By E

I’m starting an open relationship I think and it’s not with J

3 months later and I see V almost every day now. We spend the night together at least once a week on his day off and started hitting the gym together too. He is very attentive. I really truley enjoy his company. I guess I am having a relationship with this one….and not just naughty sex! I have had a first hand glance at what it means to nurture someone other then my husband.

The other boys and girls in my life the past year have been all about sex, good times and more sex! What can I say, I’m sexually charged.  I seem to be getting my needs met by both V and J and every once in a while I put the flirts on with others, but for the past couple months I have been exclusive with V.

I like where it is going. I’ve never dated a Mexican man, he is super romantico! Super jealous! Most of all he really makes me feel like I am the only one he needs. Which has not been my experience with J. J has always needed other woman in his life and has always made it clear to me.

Checking out other girls while we are together, commenting on other girls while we are together. Actually right now as I am writing this he is in the background talking about fucking another woman! It doesn’t bother me anymore. Its just who he is and I still love him to the moon and back!

I don’t know where things are headed with V right now, but I do know I like how I feel when I am with him. He makes me very happy and there is no reason for that to end anytime soon.

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