My open relationship ends. Well kind of….

I lost my partner and found my purpose

Over the past few months I have had to get more serious about my business, X my girlfriend has also done the same, we started to grow apart even though I really care for her.  The last time I was in her city I told her that I was going to be focusing on work and that if she wanted to be with me this was going to be part of the deal.

One night we had a problem with communication, that week I was moving into my new office, she threw a fit because I was 30 minutes late for a skype call because my daughter was doing her homework and we only have one computer.  Well she left me a nasty note and I hit the ceiling, I was sick of it.  She has always complained that I don’t care for her and I decided that was the last time I was going to hear it.  I didn’t talk to her for days.

You see since I made the decision to focus on my business I’ve tripled my monthly income and this is important for my family because I have two high school students costing me a lot of money each month.  So one night X texts me and tells me she’s going out with someone else and he’s serious.  I knew that she was ending things because I was 100% focused and committed to my success and this was reducing communication between us.

Fast decision to end the relationship

I was disturbed at how easy it was for her to just end things and so quickly start seeing someone else.  I was also really disappointed that she would not support my pursuit of my dream that I had just recently realized.  This kind of lead me to think that the relationship was not as strong as I thought it was, I guess that made it easier for me to handle.

You could call me a workaholic.  The thing is that I have, after 41 years decided exactly what I want in my life.  I have a family and I need to take care of them. I love the business that I have created but being busy in an open relationship is not easy.  Even though I lost my partner I know that both my wife and X helped me to realize my purpose.  Maybe it was the 5 hour bus rides every month giving me the ability to think about things.  Maybe it was being exposed to X and another life, there are things that I realized after a year of spending time with her and a combination of both relationships ultimately ended in my resolving exactly what my purpose in life is.

No time for my open relationships

I won’t be looking for another relationship in the near future.  I just don’t have time, I’m working 7 days 8 hours every day working on my dream, my obsession, my purpose.  X contributed to that realization and now she’s gone.  The fact is that now she has someone who can give her the attention that she needs, she deserves to be happy and I just can’t do that for her, I know that.  We both benefited greatly from our relationship and I will always be here and her for me, I know that.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about partners now.  My wife is just now starting to get her partner open to her being open outside of our relationship and I’m strapped down in my office chasing my purpose.  Casual sex sounds great but I don’t even know if I have time for that.  I’m trying to dominate an industry by myself at this point, from my office I look down on all of the girls walking in the streets and I think how nice it would be to screw some of them.

But fuck man I just don’t want to put the effort into it after the last year.  I’m exhausted!

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