The difference between texting 20 year old and a 35 year old

Texting is now a form of human communication.  And it really sucks

Seriously.  I’ve been talking to my wife about this because I saw this girl in the US and we started texting so it was the most fucking frustrating thing on the planet. My wife says it’s because they have nothing intelligent to say.

I talked about it with my 17 year old son too, he’s like man listen twenty old girls heads are all over the place, you won’t hear from them for days.  When I was 20 there was not anything that closely resembled texting so I can’t even remember what the texting mind of a 20 year old would be.

Anyway after distancing myself from N over text, we live in different countries but there is a 20 year age gap, I started chatting with this girl in Guadalajara, same fucking thing.  She’s 21 and texting her is exactly the same!  It’s like talking to a brick!  At least I know when I’m physically with N we can communicate with no fucking problem, we laugh, have fun, talk about shit, we fuck, take showers and go to dinner and shit but put a fucking phone in the middle of the conversation and suddenly it’s like:

Me:  Hey how’s your day today,  how are you feeling?

Her: Better

Me: Good well it’s great to hear from you, what’s going on today?

Nothing for 6 hours.\

Her: Hey hon

Me: Oh good to hear from you, what’s up?

Me: hey send me a selfie today

Nothing until the next day

Her: Hi hon

It’s like you never had a conversation going in the first place!  Why the fuck even send a text?

So I’ve been talking to this girl who’s 21 in Guadalajara, same fucking thing.  Why even text?  I mean seriously if you don’t have anything to say just text your other 20 year old friends a bunch of 1 worded conversations.



Watcha doin?



6  hours later

Hey wanna go out




um stupid


it’s the dog

not here

going with Steve

oh fun


I’m down


but when





I’m just going to stop.  The thing is that I have met two girls that are in the 35 year old range in the same town as my X and if all goes as planned I may drop in next month to meet both of them.

The difference is huge, they actually form sentences and stuff.  If I do see them it will be after a long but familiar bus ride,  then take another bus over to Guadalajara and meet this other one, I don’t know, after riding that bus for over a year to see X and after chatting with two others I think it’s going to be more worth while to just have two or three girls lined up in each city so it makes sense to make the trip.