Tables are Turned – By E

Surprise visit to my partner


I stopped into Vs work last night for a surprise visit. I was seated at the bar as I always am and started chatting with some people that I knew. Constantly sending smiles Vs way, flirting and even sneaked a kiss to him. I was having a great time and enjoying my evening. Unfortunately all the while V was not.

His jealousy started to kick in and by the end of the night he was convinced that I was sucking face with someone at the bathrooms *out of his view.  For the record, this did not happen! Regardless, he was jealous and I was tipsy and did not do a very good job comforting him once I found out what he was feeling. I’m not sure how to manage his bouts of jealousy most times. I’m not use to it. I have not been exposed to that, J rarely gets jealous.

So upon leaving he decides to walk me out to a taxi and immediately tells me he doesn’t want to play games. He doesn’t like that I was talking to another guy and thought that I was kissing on someone as well. I just let him get it out and left him outside to walk it off. I decided today that I really need to talk with him about what happened last night and comfort his emotions. This will prove to be a challenge for me for sure…..

I think as my secondary partner, who btw is NOT open and I am not having an open relationship with him, really needs more emotional attention from me.  We see each other almost daily and I feel like I am giving him enough time and meeting his emotional needs as well. It’s been pretty easy to manage my relationship with him until recently. He gets jealous often and I dont feel trusted at all. This is hard for me to deal with but I know it is simply his fear of loosing me. I wish I could just take all that fear and smash it into thin air! I know in time it will get better, at least this is what I am hoping for….

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