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Our D/s relationsip – By J

There’s so much to write, our lives are so busy and we rarely take the time to write about our Dominant submissive relationship.  It’s kind of stupid because it’s so interesting and so many things keep happening that we just continue.  Every time I think about writing something I’m off to the next crisis or something that keeps me from inputting the information.

X and I have been in a Dominant submissive relationship for over 8 months now.  As her Dominant I have had to determine things that either make the relationship good or bad, I love to dominate her but there are things I must be careful with.  I require her to wear an anklet that has bells so she can always be reminded that she belongs to me, and I always know when she’s not wearing it because I can’t hear it.  I have punished her on occasion for taking it off.  She has certain times that she is allowed to remove it depending on the type of footwear she is wearing and things like that.  This is just an example but it paints a picture.

X is tough to read, tough at times to dominate.  She is someone who has always had what she needs from her family, money, support and whatever else I have never had for my family, we’re from two different worlds so her submitting to me while I am trying to help her grow has been a task to work with.  She is not quite a slave but definitely a submissive.  She has been through tough times with divorce and other things like weight gain and jealousy so I am always trying to figure out ways to still get what I want by helping her and pushing her limits through control and domination but not destroy the trust and the relationship that we have by over stepping my bounds.  I have at times wondered if I am really dominant because of this but the relationship still works and I make exceptions so it still continues on the path that we both need.

Recently I made rules for my submissive.  They keep changing as I see it effects her negatively in some aspects but there are some that I maintain even though she might not be too fond of them.  X does her best to adhere to the rules that I have put on her and for that I have a tough time punishing her for not following some of them.  I know she is always doing her best even though she may forget about doing some things a few times I just remind her of our agreement and she submits to my needs.  She loves to see me happy and that pleases both of us greatly.  I try to make the relationship so that she is pleasing me and therefore pleasing both of us and she continues to please just as faithful as always, I wondered from the beginning if she would stop and she does get to be thoughtful of herself at times and I just have to make the actions that are needed to correct her and she comes back.

It’s our first Dom sub relationship so I can’t be too tough on her even though I am always looking for mistakes because I love to punish her.  The thing is that she’s loving the punishment but she doesn’t actively disobey my rules just to recieve punishment, I think the only reason she does this is because she knows I enjoy punishing her and she is pleased by that but she doesn’t enjoy the punishment itself so it works out good for us, she’s not abusing the punishment by acting out, I know she does want to please me, she just steps off of the tracks from time to time.

This weekend we didn’t have a formal submissive session because of some issues of jealousy she was feeling over the past week but I was sure to leave some great bruises on her this morning with the whip.  The last time I was with her I managed to chain her all up in her closed and gag her with the chain d clips,  I am pushing her more and more when the atmosphere is right.  It was very nice to see her struggling, that’s what I really love.  Seeing her helpless is what my ultimate pleasure is coming from when she is my submissive.