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My Wife’s Threesome(s) – by J

I don’t  know when I turned the corner and really entered the open relationship lifestyle.  It was months ago though I know.  This last weekend I was with X and before I came home E had taken off to be with one of her partners, due back on Monday, she decided to stay another night.  If you are familiar with our arrangment you know I leave every 15 days to travel and visit my partner 5 hours away from home.

Last night after being away from each other for 5 days it was time for us to connect, we really are never together when we are doing our daily lives because of work, the kids, finances and all of the other crap the world puts on us.  We went to a restaurant and she began talking about the threesome she had with a 25 year old female she met on the beach yesterday with her partner.

8 months ago I would have been super jealous, now we just discuss how safe the occurrence was and if we need to consider STI testing instead of getting upset like we normally would in our former non-monogamous lifestyle.

Just a few days ago she let me know that her and a good girlfriend had another threesome with the male partner she was with last night, I am thinking he’s a lucky guy, now my wife has had more threesomes in the past week than I have in the last 3 years!  She told me her partner fired his current “wingman” after the second threesome with my wife.

I’m not so sure my wife is living an open relationship lifestyle, I mean loving another person outside of her primary relationship.  Our open relationship consists of me having 1 partner outside of my marriage and her having any partner that is available at that time, even complete strangers.  I’m happy she’s enjoying herself though.

I wonder what’s next……