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We’re all talking in our open relationship – By J

Why was I forced into a monogamous society?

I’m sure monogamy works for somebody, maybe the greater good or what is percieved to be the greater good, I’m sure it works for the church even though the priests don’t seem to want to practice it, and somehow the government because they offer tax incentives for married couples even though the politicians don’t seem to want to practice it either, but why did I spend the first 40 years of my life thinking it was the only way?  It makes me take a step back and think about what other type of social conditioning may be going on and what other dials of mine are being turned without my conscious knowledge.  

Yesterday we started a group chat on Whatsaap about the possibility of getting together and the girls getting to know each other better.  We also had a skype call last night which you can read about on E’s recent post The Triad Coming Together.  It is true that it pleasures me greatly to imagine that I have two partners and we’re together in a caring relationship.  I am not suggesting that’s where my open relationships are going, it’s just an observation and it doesn’t mean that I am not happy with each of my partners.

X will travel to Central Mexico soon and when she returns we will get together and have a beach day or something and see how everyone feels.  After 8 months everyone is getting more comfortable.  One thing that I know for sure is given enough time a person can get through just about anything, they just have to make it through the first stinging bite with that in mind.  There are still some times of  jealousy with X but she does get through them.  I think we can spend time togethe without too much trouble and they both know that this was coming.

From BDSM to having an open relationship with a married man, I have pushed X’s limits from what she knew about relationships and sex to a place she didn’t know existed.  I’ve been pushing her for 8 months and I can’t see a reason to stop now.