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Making a schedule – By E

J & I are attempting to find more time for each other. I think that we both realize how important it is especially with the time management with our other relationships. Well, with S that is easy…..I wait until the time is right for him. For J and X they have a routine schedule, every other weekend when her kids are away. But for J and & I we really have to plan quality uninterrupted time together. Just because we are primary partners, that doesn’t really mean we get to spend all our time together. Sure we get to occupy the same space all day and night but that’s all we are doing, occupying space.

  • The house needs cleaning
  • Meals need to be prepared
  • errands need to be ran
  • kids need……everything
  • business needs attention

And more…Throughout the day there is a touch, a kiss and love. Lots of love, but god I cant wait to give J my full attention and receive his. As his wife and as his partner in life. Keeping our relationship alive seems like it takes way more work! So we have come up with a few things for us to commit to for the sake of our marriage and relationship with each-other.

  • One overnight getaway a month
  • 1 day together away from the house, work and family every other week.