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I Need my Secondary – By E

Time to update you on my relationship with S. It almost feels like we are long distant friends who try and and get together just to say we did. I’m starting to feel very left out of his world. Im constantly messaging him and trying to communicate, but that is even at a minimum. I wish I could spend more time with S. Not like I have very much of that these days. My business is growing fast and I’m giving it 120% of my time…everyday, all day! I was so spent the other night I passed out around 9pm. I woke up in the middle of the night to find a text from S about going out. I wish I would have had the energy to go, but I was sooooo fucking exhausted. I regret not going. These opportunities do not happen very often. Plus he has a family and a life and I am kept a secret, so its not like we can make plans for particular days to spend together….as J has said before…S and I see each other when the stars are aligned perfectly.

I really feel like I need to be with my secondary partner. I miss him very much. I miss his quiet company and his stare with those wicked eyes. I want to fall asleep on his chest and kiss those yummy lips. Life is getting insanely insane and it would be really nice to just take a drive with him somewhere….anywhere! I am having a wonderful time with J and we are working on our relationship and making time to be together, but its just not the same as being with S. S fills a need, at least when we are together. Gee

J and I are running our business and its causing major relationship friction. We have a solid relationship and have been working really hard at connecting as primary partners. Life just really takes a toll on us. I need some time so I can be me, and have some fun. I absolutely do not have any interest in finding another partner. I just wish S was more available to my needs. I’m so flipping scared to talk about that with him…..Ive told him I need to see him, so we will see what unfolds this week